dc.contributor.authorGonzález Ortiz de Zárate, Aitana
dc.contributor.authorHolland, Kristin
dc.description.abstractThe extreme shortage of truck drivers in Canada is expected to increase, reaching up to 48,000 drivers by 2024 (CPCS, 2016). Transportation organizations are implementing training programs to deal with the shortage and lower the hiring requirements. This study aimed to evaluate the training implemented by a transportation organization in Western Canada and identify key results to be incorporated in their talent acquisition efforts. Data included surveys to trained (43) and non-trained drivers (18), driver reviews (75), and organizational metrics. Results showed high perceived training transfer (M = 4.56, SD = 0.51) and perceived application (M = 3.93, SD = 0.15). High and medium-high levels for the factors of training, which correlated between them and with training transfer. Driver reviews did not differ between groups (TD: M = 1.02, SD = .05; NTD: M = 1,05, SD = .14; t (71) = -1.65, p > .05). Turnover cognitions and employee wellbeing did not differ between groups (TD: M = 1.64, SD = .91; NTD: M = 1.94, SD = 1.14; t (56) = -1.08, p > .05). First year attrition was higher before the implementation (28.57 < 62.50), retention rate and accident rate were higher after the implementation of the training (.08 >07; .24 < 7.77). Results provide evidence for theory building in the areas of Human Resource Development and learning and professional development in the transportation sector. The evaluation procedure can be used by HR practitioners to evaluate training programs in the trucking sector.es
dc.titleTraining Evaluation to navigate the shortage of truck drivers in Western Canadaes
dc.identifier.conferenceObjectEarli 2020 SIG14 Barcelona, 8-10 Julio, 2020 (Evento Cancelado debido al COVID19, libro de abstracts publicado)es
dc.publisher.departmentDepartamento de Grado en Ciencias del Trabajo, Relaciones Laborales y Recursos Humanoses
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad de Ciencias Jurídicases
dc.relation.projectIDBeca Engage Grant para Colleges otorgada por el National Science and Engineering Research Council de Canadá (542231-19),es
dc.subject.keywordEvaluación de la formaciónes
dc.subject.keywordEvaluación de la Transferenciaes
dc.subject.keywordEfectividad de la Formaciónes
dc.subject.keywordCaso de estudioes
dc.subject.keywordTraining Evaluationes
dc.subject.keywordTraining Transfer Evaluationes
dc.subject.keywordCase Studyes
dc.subject.keywordDesarrollo de Recursos Humanoses

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